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Develop your inner magic with our courses!

Our signature certificate courses are the key to your amazing discoveries. Course 1 is a year program meeting once a month. Each monthly class is 6 hours. You will have an unforgettable year of education and experiences plus a graduation ceremony and certificate.

Classes in Orange, California and Las Vegas, Nevada.
Our Orange location is near 5 freeways (5, 22, 55, 57 and 91) and 11 miles from John Wayne Airport.

In Orange, CA and Las Vegas, NV 

Certificate Program
Meet Your Psychic Self!
Find Your Inner Magic

12 monthly classes, 6+ hours each class

No prerequisites. For beginning to advanced students.

Starts Saturday, July 7, 2018 in Orange, CA

Starts August 2018 in Las Vegas, NV

Discover and develop your own inner magic in Course 1. You will learn to use the 8 psychic senses and connect to the loving energies of your life force and purpose.

Your psychic senses and spiritual path. Learn, develop and fine tune your psychic abilities and move forward on your spiritual purpose,  take our signature certificate course, "Meet Your Psychic Self." 

In 12 monthly classes you will receive everything you need: education, practice, amazing class psychic experiences and your class textbook written by Marla.
Your magical experiences start in class 1. Each monthly class is 6 hours. Your classes are:
  1. Meet Your Psychic Senses
  2. Find Your Inner Magic
  3. Psychic Protection
  4. Are You an Empath?
  5. The Magical Aura
  6. Meet Your Angels and Guides
  7. The Energy of Color
  8. The Magic of Crystals
  9. Your Radiant Chakras
  10. Do Psychic Readings
  11. Do Energy Work
  12. Advanced MLPS Techniques
Energize your personal growth in Course 1. As you develop in this course, life begins to change! Join us. Register for Course 1 now.
Cost for Course 1:
Monthly payment: $280 each class
Deposit of $40 to hold your place (non-refundable)
Register now. Click on your course choice below and location to register by email. 

In Orange, CA

Compassion Camp:
Live a Sane, Peaceful Compassionate Life

No prerequisites

Course 1 and 2

6 months

Starts Aug 2018 in Orange, CA

This Master Level course takes everything you learned in Course 1 to higher levels, and prepares you for the Teacher Training Course if you are interested.

Advanced in-depth education in spirituality, energy systems and more ways to integrate the psychic senses you learned in Course 1 into your daily life. Powerful energy techniques unique to MLPS are included.

Some course 2 subjects are:

  • Working with Spiritual Guides and Masters

  • Advanced Energy Work Techniques 

  • Life-Changing Spiritual Development 

  • Living an Open-Hearted Life

  • Expanding and Integrating Your Gifts

  • Advanced Work with Chakras

  • Step into Your Life Purpose

Next Course 2 begins in 2018, Orange, CA. If you have completed Course 1, or the equivalent in experience, register now for this in-depth course. 

Course 2 is the gateway to our Teacher Training program.

Cost for Course 2:
Monthly payment: $280 each class
Deposit of $40 to hold your place (non-refundable)

For more information call Marla at 562-212-9100.

Order our book and workbook, "Your Magical Psychic Senses" on Amazon. Only $25.


This is comprehensive guide to understanding your psychic senses. This is the same textbook our students use in the "Meet Your Psychic Self. what our students use! Includes text, workbook, practice exercises and homework.

Only $25 for all this!

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