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Located in Orange, CA and Las Vegas, NV

Orange location is near freeways 5, 22, 57, 91and 11 miles from John Wayne Airport

In each course you will receive:

  • High-level, quality education

  • Textbook by Marla

  • Psychic and spiritual experiences

  • Fun and support of being with others like yourself

Sunday, Jan 13 in Orange, CA with Lizette

Open to all levels from beginner to advanced. No prerequisites. 

Learn to be psychic or to become more confident in your psychic abilities!

Enroll for an unforgettable, life-changing 12 classes with our signature, certificate course. You will learn about the 8 psychic senses, and have amazing and powerful psychic experiences in the classroom and doing your homework.


Great for people who want to recognize and trust their psychic abilities. Empowering for people who are already having psychic experiences.


Everyone has different psychic abilities. Come discover yours!


"I was curious if I had any psychic abilities. I do! I have psychic knowing." 

"I learned how to do psychic readings and now it's my career!" 

"I found my life purpose. Thank you!"


Meets monthly for 12 months. Each class is 5 hours. Monthly tuition $200.

Enroll with a $50 non-refundable deposit (applied to your first class tuition).

To register contact Lizette 714-496-4673

Coming 2019


Liberating, mind-bending lessons on how to achieve true compassion and peace. Bring enlightenment to your past, present and future. Eliminate negative self-talk and judgment of self and others. Change relationships with friends, family, strangers for the better​.


Originally channeled by Marla from a high-level, spiritual master. Each lesson builds on the next, leading to a surprising final class on how to truly find your strength and fall in love with everything. Includes powerful energy techniques.

"Use to judge myself and others continuously. It was exhausting. I learned how to stop judging in these lessons. Now I'm free."

"Wish I would have learned this decades ago."

Details: 10 classes, 2 hours each. $40.

To register contact Marla now at 562-212-9100.

Book: Connect to Your Magic Psychic Senses

Coming this fall to Amazon

This is the foundation for developing your psychic senses. It is a comprehensive guide and workbook that guides your exploration of your psychic senses and develops them through practice and understanding. 


This is the same material our students use in Class 1 and 2 of Course 1, Meet Your Psychic Self! This workbook includes text, practice exercises and homework. This is the next, best thing to attending our classes. If you can't be with us person, purchase this book. You will learn so much about yourself and your psychic abilities!

"Literally studying my textbook. Best psychic instructional book I've ever read."

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The Quiz:

Are You Curious?

Do you want to:

  •  Find out if you are psychic 

  • Understand your experiences

  • Give psychic readings

  • Explore healing energy work

  • Become more spiritual

  • Connect with others like you

  • Help others

  • Live your purpose

  • Change the world with your gifts


Did you answer 'Yes' to 3 or more questions? If so, you are ready for your psychic adventure with us! 

What Makes the Marla Lombard Psychic School Right for You? 

We get it.

We understand your experiences - we've had them.

We've had your questions and your doubts.

We understand your curiosity.

We know you want to explore.


Let us guide you.

Register above now for your courses in So Cal or Las Vegas.

Southern California and USA

Marla 562-212-9100

377 S Glassell Street, Suite 200

Orange, CA 92866


Las Vegas, NV

Jerica 209-768-4039

© Copyright 2018 Marla Lombard

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