Cosmic Dragons

Certificate Course 1:

Meet Your Psychic Self!

Orange, California

La Foi et

La Force

du Dragon

The Faith and

Strength of

the Dragon


You are in Course 1:

Meet Your Psychic Self!

12 Monthly Classes 


Teacher Lizette

Teacher Lizette

Welcome Dragons!


Classes meet:   

First Sunday of every month, 12 noon to 6 P.M.

Student privileges - Discounts:

During the time you are enrolled in this course you get 20% off any intuitive reading, energy work or Reiki from your talented MLPS teachers and staff. You also get 10% off of any workshop MLPS offers. Workshops start in 2018. 


In the Know:

We will email you about special events or workshops. As a student and future alumni you are invited to all graduations and special MLPS events.

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