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Psychic Readings, Reiki and More

with love, light and integrity

1 hour $160 for readings or energy work

Choose your psychic reader or energy worker, then text or email for your appointment



Medium & Psychic Readings, Energy Work

Appointments by phone, online or in person in So Cal.

All Psychic Readings 

Soul and spiritual path questions. Practical questions.relationships, animals, purpose, past life, work -- all your questions.

Medium Readings 

Inspiring and helpful messages from your family, friends and pets on the other side. Learn what your loved ones are doing in heaven!


Chakra and Energy Work Long Distance

Clear, balance, replenish your energy (by phone). Fill and stabilize your energy system.


22 years reader, energy worker, author, psychic/spiritual teacher.

Events, group readings, speaking and interviews. 


Reserve a reading with Marla now: 

email  or text/call 562-212-9100


Psychic Readings, Lucid Dreaming for you, Parties

By phone or in So Cal

Call/text 310-591-7098

All Psychic Readings

Love, purpose, work, home, animals, purpose, spiritual path.

Energy Dream Work - Unique Experience with Peter!

Want insight into your spiritual path, intentions, challenges, a person (including a loved one on the other side)? Peter will set his intention to have a lucid dream just for you. Then he will share the dream by phone with all details and insights. Lucid dream experience $200.


40+ years of spiritual experience and study. Our psychic and spiritual teacher. Near death experiencer. Lucid dreamer. 

Have a joyful group event with Wizard Peter in full costume as your host or group reader. (He conducts our school graduation ceremonies!) Group readings. Also speaking, interviews. Call/text 310-591-7098 or email.


Psychic Readings, Reiki, Spiritual Coach

Appointments by phone, online or in person in Las Vegas.


All Psychic Readings

All psychic readings, spiritual mentoring and soul activation.

Spiritual Coaching

Deepen your spiritual path. Reach new heights of love and light. Fulfill your purpose. Bring spirit into your daily life.

Reiki and energy work

Powerful energy modalities, soul activation, psychic messages. 


Psychic, Reiki Master, event speaker, our psychic spiritual teacher.

Events, group readings, speaking and interviews.

Reserve a reading with Jerica now: 

email, call/text 209-768-4039


Energy Work, Tarot and Ceremony for You

In Orange, CA and custom ceremonies in So Cal.

Call/text 310-591-7673

Energy work

Pranic Healing, Crystal Energy, color energy and Reiki. 

Tarot Readings and Group Tarot Readings

Mira is a gifted tarot reader with 40+ years experience! Individual or group tarot readings. If by phone, Mira will send you photos of your cards.

Ceremony for your friends, family or work crew in your location

Mira will create a unique ceremony for your event or occasion. Celebrate soltices, equinoxes, moon phases, births, birthdays or group events. Intention ceremony for new projects and life phases.


Call/text 310-591-7673 or email for energy appointment in Orange, CA or cermony creation in So Cal.


40+ years of spiritual experience, study and tarot reader. Our spiritual and psychic teacher. 

Southern California and USA

Marla 562-212-9100


377 S Glassell Street, Suite 200

Orange, CA 92866


Las Vegas, NV

Jerica 209-768-4039


© Copyright 2018 Marla Lombard

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