Meet Our Teachers

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Our teachers are extraordinary psychic and spiritual experts. 

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Your Headmistress! Marla is also a teacher, psychic expert, creator of our courses and author of our textbooks. She has been a psychic reader and energy worker for over 18 years.

Marla offers psychic readings and energy work over the phone and in person in Orange, CA.
The brilliant Lizette is a devoted teacher, co-founder, editor and heart of the school. She is an angel!
Jerica teaches in Orange and Las Vegas. She is our loving, high-level spiritual energy!

Jerica spoke on self-love at the Electric Daisy Carnival, Las Vegas, this year.

Jerica offers psychic readings and Reiki by phone and in person in Las Vegas. See Psychic Readings page.
Teacher, lucid dream expert and medium. He has 40 years of spiritual experience and knowledge. He is the joy of our school!

Peter will be teaching Course 1: Meet Your Psychic Self. Read more about Peter on the Wizards page.
Mira brings our school deep knowledge. She has studied spiritual and metaphysical subject for 40+ years. She does Reiki and is a Pranic Healing practitioner. Mimi also reads tarot card and tea leaves!
Teacher, our Program Director and our school Seer. She is gentle strength and love. Laura has 20 years of teaching experience!
Our Shamaness. She connects & communicates with everything in nature -- and beyond! She understands the spiritual principals and has excellent psychic abilities. Raquel brings us 25 years of teaching experience.
Louis has a deep understanding of the human heart and spirit. He has been teaching for 35+ years. His goal is to empower everyone to live from love and their personal strength.
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Teacher Training
Contact Marla for more information

Hello, Marla here!

Our teachers make the world a more spiritual and loving place because they guide and support students through deep transformation. 


You can teach for us in our locations (Orange, CA or Las Vegas, NV) or teach in the city, state or country where you live!

The Teacher Training will give you the deep spiritual experiences and personal growth you desire. Our training program will give you purpose, skills, confidence and teaching experience. 


It takes time and commitment. We have prerequisites because we want you to have a strong foundation with the techniques and material we use.

Prerequisites are:

1. Application to Teacher Training 

2. Completion of Course 1 (12 classes)

3. Completion of Teacher Training 

Interested? Let's chat. Contact me. Marla 562-212-9100.

Southern California and USA

Marla 562-212-9100

377 S Glassell Street, Suite 200

Orange, CA 92866


Las Vegas, NV

Jerica 209-768-4039

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