This is a WOW first for me. I do believe in psychic gifts, but there are a lot of "wannabes" or even outright frauds out there. I've had a lot of people who've offered to give me psychic or intuitive readings, but the readings were usually so general, they could have applied to anyone. Marla Lombard figuratively knocked my socks off. She told me things that NOBODY knows - she used several literal phrases that even she couldn't guess were of special and huge significance for me, personally. I am truly blown away. She didn't ask me to write a testimonial for her, but I am doing it because she's the real deal. 

-- Yolaine Stout 

Past President, Board Member and currently Chair of the Integration/Support Committee
Past president of IANDSof the International Association for Near-Death Studies, IANDS.ORG

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