Marla Lombard's
School for Spiritual Development

Meaningful Psychic and Spiritual Courses

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in So Cal, Las Vegas

and online coming this year

  • Discover the Wonder of Your Psychic Abilities

  • Build Your Confidence

  • Deepen Your Spirituality

  • Dissolve Your Limitations & Create True Transformation

  • Find Your True Place in the World

For begining to advanced students

Marla Lombard

Founder and your Headmistress

Welcome to the Marla Lombard Psychic School!

Located in So Cal and Las Vegas, NV

What is the Marla Lombard Psychic School?

Our school is designed to give you meaningful, in-depth psychic and spiritual education, needed now in the world, for beginning to advanced students.

With us, you will have the magical experiences you desire and the practical information you need to grow in your own authentic way.

Our classes are taught by expert teachers.

With us you can discover:

  • Psychic skills

  • Spiritual exploration

  • More peace and compassion

  • Connection with your inner self

  • Confidence in your psychic self

  • Personal transformation

We offer psychic readings and energy work over the phone and in So Cal and Las Vegas.

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Southern California and USA

Marla 562-212-9100

377 S Glassell Street, Suite 200

Orange, CA 92866


Las Vegas, NV

Jerica 209-768-4039

© Copyright 2018 Marla Lombard

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