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Psychic Readings, Reiki and More

Note to course students: Take 20% off all services if you are currently enrolled in a course

(workshop enrollment not included)

Marla Lombard, Psychic Reader and Energy Worker

Marla has 20+ years of experience as a psychic reader, energy worker and psychic expert and teacher. Available in person in So Cal, by phone or by internet.

  • All Psychic readings, including mediumship and past life readings

  • Energy Work sessions (alone or include in your psychic reading)

  • Relationship readings

  • Soul Path readings (find your soul's purpose and bring it into your life)

  • Group readings and events

  • Interviews, lectures and presentations 

$220 per individual session

By appointment:  Marla 562-212-9100

Jerica Barnes, C.H.H.A., Reiki Master, Psychic Reader

Jerica is a Reiki Master, Psychic Medium and works with healing energy. She graduated from The Holistic Life Institute in 2013 with an emphasis in holistic health. Jerica uses a variety of energy modalities custom to each individual’s needs. Jerica is dedicated to the collective awakening and healing of the planet. She is a mother, an empath and and experienced and knowledgeable healer. Jerica began her journey with the Marla Lombard Psychic School in early 2017. 

Available in person in Las Vegas and So Cal, by phone or by internet.

  • Reiki sessions

  • All psychic readings, including mediumship and past life readings

  • Energy work sessions (or included in psychic readings)

  • Relationship readings

  • Angel card readings 

  • Soul Activations

  • Certified Holistic Health Advisor Health Consultations

  • Group readings and events

  • Interviews, lectures and presentations

$160 for individual sessions

By appointment: Jerica 209-768-4039

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Southern California and USA

Marla 562-212-9100


377 S Glassell Street, Suite 200

Orange, CA 92866


Las Vegas, NV

Jerica 209-768-4039


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