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About Marla

My story

I was in my 30s. I was Just living life in Los Angeles and having fun. Then, leaving work one day, I had an unexpected psychic experience. A loud booming voice gave me a message that turned out to be true. I had no idea I was psychic!


I began to have deep spiritual experiences that I couldn't ignore and my curiosity was ignited. I didn't have a teacher and I didn't know any spiritual people, so I taught myself with the help of Spirit Guides. I studied intensely. Then I changed careers. Who knew!? I became a psychic reader. Then a psychic teacher. What a journey!

You have your own unique journey. I'd love to support your journey with insights about your life and loves. Please book a psychic reading with me.

I look forward to meeting you during our reading on the phone or zoom! 

About Marla

Marla Lombard is an expert in psychic development with over 22 years of experiences. She has been a psychic reader, speaker, and a psychic-spiritual teacher for over 20 years. Because of the challenges she felt after her sudden psychic awakening, her mission is to help everyone have rich, psychic and spiritual experiences easily and confidently.

Her book (coming soon!), “Discover the Ten Psychic Senses: The Complete Guide to Empower Your Psychic Self” combines practical information about the 10 psychic senses with fun psychic exercises, so everyone can develop their own unique psychic senses. 


She is also writing, "The Little Book of Big Psychic Protection" and "Compassion: Living Compassion in a Challenging World."

Marla is a speaker on psychic and spiritual subjects. She presented on self-love at the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), Las Vegas 2018. She has also been a speaker for the Los Angeles and Orange County chapters of the International Association for Near Death Studies (IANDS).

Marla received her BA in Communication Arts from Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA. She loves art, art history, museums, city walks, strolling at the beach, big trees and volunteering in dog rescue. 


She lives near the coast in Southern California.


You are the gold standard of psychic readers.

-- Tessa S.

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