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Readings and Energy Work Sessions

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If you prefer FT or phone, text me at 562-212-9100. No in person appointments.
Different  readings can be combined, given your needs and the psychic information that comes through.

Psychic Readings
Medium Readings

Get clarity, guidance and support so you can move forward on your path and in life with love and confidence.


Any subject you need, including:

  • Love and relationships

  • Frustrations, challenges

  • Change and growth 

  • Career and work

  • Life purpose

  • Psychic and spiritual path

  • Your truest desires

You can't imagine how wonderful it is when you know your beloved pets and people are safe, happy, healthy, perfectly cared for on the Other Side.


If you are grieving, it will lighten the load when you know your loved ones are truly OK.


Even if you're at peace, a medium reading is the best opportunity to connect in a new way. What are your beloveds doing now? Get their updates! Are they evolving? Are they happy?

The greatest gift is to know that you are still connected to your loved ones.

Pet Communication

How much do we love our animals?! 

But how can we understand what they are really thinking?


pet communication reading.


What they really need and want to make their lives truly happy? What is their soul purpose and how can we support that? How can we help them when they act out or are stressed?


A pet communication reading can bring you practical help, the deepest insights and sometimes a lot of laughs.


Pet Communication is so important. Your pets have a lot to say!

Soul Path Guidance
Past Life Readings

A past life often holds a key to the present one.

In each and every life, past and present, you are drawn to fulfill purpose. To support the purpose in this life, we often connect with people from the past.


Past live exploration doesn't have to be painful. Let's explore past lives where you fully lived your purpose, felt great great joy, abundance and fulfilled your purpose!


Infuse your life today with strengths from your past lives!

Let's get to your deep yearnings.

Let's get your life aligned with your soul purpose.

Let's address your biggest "problem."

I can give you deep insights and understanding about your life that will give you freedom, joy and relief.


You can't believe how much better you'll feel with a deeper understanding of who you really are.

This reading can change your life.

Business, Career and Work Readings: 

Every Business Should have a Psychic

If you're in business, don't you want to know how you can advance and expand? 

I give readings and energy sessions to people who work in all fields and I love it!

Businesses:  I have worked with CEOs and VPs, corporate executives, manufacturers, small business owners, designers, sales people, accountants, architects, stock brokers, real estate agents. 

Helpers:  I have clients who are MDs, social workers, professors and teachers, hospice workers, holistic practitioners, other psychics, yoga teachers.


Creatives:  I have clients in the creative field: artists, actors, writers, musicians and performers, performers and musicians. 

Non-Profits:  Please ask me about a discount for your readings.

If you're searching for your career path, whether business or creative, I can give you helpful insights.

One Question Reading!

Don't forget the One Question Reading! 15 minutes. Ask any one question!

(Other readings can be by zoom or phone. This reading is by phone only.)  

Chakra & Color Energy Work

Color is energy and it's one of the most beautiful ways to clear, fill, balance and support your chakras, your body and your aura.

The result? You can feel lighter, clearer, balanced, grounded restored. You'll likely feel more focused, too, because you'll have more fuel! 

When we're done, you'll have a beautiful new sparkling energy "color scheme" unique to you!​

My clients love how it helps them move through life with renewed and calm energy. Many clients tell me it is healing. 


What happens in a Chakra Color Energy session? 

I'll share every step of the process with you:

  • Where your system needs help and why

  • What I'm clearing and why

  • The exact colors you need and where

  • How the colors will support you


What does it mean if your energy system wants pale pink? Warm brown? Glitter white? Turquoise blue?


The color is always important, but other qualities are, too. Is the color bold, pale, dark or neon? How does it feel? Why is it being given to you? How will it fill and support you?  


Your system is ever changing. We all need new fuel as we grow, change and due to life challenges.  schedule a chakra and color energy session or ask me to add it into your reading.

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