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Discover the Ten Psychic Senses

This book, Discover the Ten Psychic Senses, is designed for all people interested in psychic experience
and for all aspiring, beginning and developing psychics.

We define "your psychic self" as your inborn, intuitive connection with everything in your life, and with
the spiritual reality of existence as you experience it.

Our purpose is to make your discovery and development of this magical, important part of yourself as
smooth and joyful a journey as it can be for you.

Therefore, we have used our combined personal experiences to carefully:
  • Teach you to identify the 10 psychic senses.
  • Illustrate how psychic experience varies widely.
  • Teach you a positive, supportive mindset for your own journey of discovery.
  • Identify common issues of confusion, questions and self-doubt.
  • Identify the challenge of overwhelm.
  • Teach you how to minimize and handle these obstructions.
In this Tale of Two Psychics, Psychic 1 is Marla, an experienced practicing psychic (over 25 years),
author and psychic development teacher. Marla usually has strong, clear, vivid and easily identifiable,
psychic experiences. (These often include subtle, gentle or tranquil psychic impressions.) Twenty-five
years ago, Marla's psychic abilities (Psychic Seeing, Hearing, Knowing, Feeling and more) came to the
forefront of her life with the intensity and speed of the water moving down Niagara Falls.

Marla never asked herself, "Am I really psychic?" Instead, she asked, "Am I crazy?" because her
experiences were mind-blowing. In addition, she hadn’t known another psychic or ever gotten a physic
reading. Marla's psychic experiences illustrate the dramatic end of the psychic spectrum and the initial
fear of losing contact with reality.
In this Tale of Two Psychics, Psychic 2 is Lizette, possibly the most self-doubting student poor Marla ever had! Lizette's psychic experiences have been ongoing since adolescence. Her experiences are usually subtle, seeming extensions of her own perceptions, often as Psychic Knowing. (Though she does
experience other psychic senses.)

Lizette never asked herself, “Am I crazy?” Instead, she asked, "Am I really psychic?" because she didn’t
experience dramatic visions, feelings and strong knowing, as depicted in the popular media. And as
experienced by her beloved, very psychic, aunt Mari, whose experiences are more like Marla’s than
Lizette’s. Lizette's psychic experiences illustrate the quiet, ordinary end of the psychic spectrum and the
initial fear of finding a cherished dream to be impossible.

Note: Because of Marla’s supportive and informative teaching approach, and Lizette’s doing the psychic
activities that Marla provided (and having recognizable psychic experiences), together they succeeded in
Lizette coming to know that she is indeed psychic! 

Marla’s Teaching Approach: Marla has used the approach in this book successfully for 14 years with
students of all types of psychic senses. She knows it works. Lizette, from her student experience with
Marla, and from her own teaching experience and course design knowledge, also knows Marla’s approach works. Their areas of expertise work together hand-in-glove.

We know that practice, experience, feedback and reflection are necessary to recognize and develop your
own psychic senses. We also know it’s extremely helpful to have information about psychic experience
itself, and how best to approach your own experiences and challenges. Therefore, this book is full of
empowering information, perspective and psychic activities. We have included everything we can in
order to help you handle your challenges, and develop the miracle of your own psychic self.
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