Are you Paranormal or Normal?

Updated: 4 days ago

Psychic senses were once called "paranormal," meaning "beyond normal." But what that meant to most people was "abnormal."

I grew up in the O.C. suburbs of Southern California where everybody was expected to be like everyone else. My parents were sweet and loving. My brother and I were adored. We had a beautiful home. Our family went to a mild Protestant church where there were no punishing rules or fear of God. It was a nice life.

But the unspoken rules were clear: Be yourself BUT be normal. Do what everyone else does.

Having psychic experiences would never have been "normal" in my childhood! Growing up, I had a few psychic experiences, but I knew I shouldn't talk to anybody about them, including my school friends. I knew nobody would understand.

Fortunately, some of you grew up with parents who were open-minded or in a family that embraced spirituality and psychic experiences. But if you didn't, you're not alone. Over the years, I've found that most of my clients and students did not feel comfortable sharing their psychic experiences when growing up. That's a lonely and sometimes confusing place to be.

Now, the world is changing. We are now, in general, less critical about psychic phenomena and more interested. Having psychic experiences might be intriguing, fascinating, entertaining, thrilling, enthralling but not crazy! Many people are opening up to the psychic possibilities in others and themselves.

Our world, more and more, is making psychic and spiritual experiences "normal." We are beginning to realize that "paranormal" is the new normal.

Finally, we can feel more free. Isn't it exciting?

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