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Can you travel to Other Dimensions?

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Is it time for you to travel to other dimensions? Do you want to? Travel instructions here! 🚀

I received these instructions in a psychic reading with my client, David. As I started the reading, I sensed the information was going to be important, so I grabbed a pen and wrote everything so I could save it and share it with you.

It was given in outline format, too! Just as you see here. (I've made very few edits.)

I bless your life!



If you want to travel to other dimensions, here are easy instructions!

Prepare for Departure

Use Your thoughts to:

  1. Prepare for a possible adventure.

  2. Choose where to go or who to visit.

  3. Choose your method of travel.

Methods of Travel - You can use:

  • Dreams

  • Use your thoughts to direct yourself. Don't worry if it feels like imagination.

  • Feel you are there. Let your emotions, body sensations or sense of knowing help you travel or realize when you've arrived.

Travel protocols:

  1. You are the visitor. Be respectful of the environment, energy, any life forms in case your arrival has any impact.

  2. Remain aware of your surroundings for changing dynamics.

  3. Have fun! Don't forget to enjoy the trip!

Note from me: Leave all expectations behind. You might "see" something or "hear" someone. But you might "know" or "feel" instead. And it might be different every time!

How do you return?

The same way you got there!

Or, think yourself back into your body. Come back to the now.

  • Return the same way you got there OR think yourself back to where your body is.

  • Know you have returned.

  • Focus on an object in front of you.

Then what?

  • Tell everyone! Haha. (Not really.)

  • Tell no-one. Haha. (Not really.)

  • Make notes on your computer, phone or journal.

When right for you, share your inter dimensional travel experiences.

That's what explorers do, right? They bring back information from an unknown place that will be interesting and might be helpful!

What do you think about interdimensional travel? Feel free to share your experiences at Maybe I should compile a selection of everyone's travels? Wouldn't that be fun to read?

I bless your life,

- Marla Lombard

Your online and phone Clairvoyant, Psychic Reader, Psychic Medium, Pet Communicator,

Psychic Spiritual Teacher, Spiritual Blogger, Chakra and Color Energy Worker. 562-212-9100


© 2021 by Marla Lombard

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