Exchange Psychic Energy with a Tree

Updated: Sep 2

Have a fun psychic experience! Exchange psychic energy with a tree.

Try this easy step by step exercise. Relax and open to any experience you might have. You can speak to the tree aloud or silently with your thoughts.

Now choose a tree to play with!

Exchange Psychic Energy with a Tree

Connect with Your Tree

  1. Place your palms on the tree with your palms flat against it.

  2. Say “Hello.” Give yourself a moment to feel the tree and sense its presence.

  3. Ask the tree if you can exchange energy with it.

  4. Do you sense a neutral or positive response?

  5. If so, continue on. If not, choose another tree.

Receive Energy from the Tree

  1. Ask the tree to give you some energy.

  2. Let go. Breathe.

  3. Soak up whatever you feel, sense or imagine.

  4. Thank the tree.

Now It’s Your Turn to Give Energy to the Tree

  1. Keep your hands on the tree.

  2. Open your heart and imagine sending love to the tree through your palms.

  3. Ask the tree what kind of energy it needs. Ask your hands to give it to the tree. Just allow it to happen.

  4. Tell the tree “Thank you.”

Didn’t that feel good? What a wonderful way to receive grounding energy and give the tree what it might need, too.

I will leave you with a beautiful quote from Jerica Barnes:

We humans are the walking trees of the world.

Please feel free to send your tree experience at

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​© 2020 by Marla Lombard