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Channeled Message of Hope from Galactic & Inter-Dimensional Beings

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Channeled by Marla Lombard

“Blessings from the many who are gathered here to bring you hope and information for the benefit of your planet.

There are many watching over you and watching the progression from old mindset to new mindset and we want to send you some encouragement and waves/puffs/winds of the energy of love from us to you.

We understand that this is a time of upheaval and many are wondering what the future holds for them. We want you to understand, learn or be aware that there are many who support your hearts and your physicality/bodies; in other words, your lives.

We want you to know that you are not alone. Those of us who can help, we do help. Those of us who can watch, we do watch. Those of us who can send helpful thought forms to you, we do send.

We can communicate with those of you who will listen. We try to communicate to bring in good messages. Thank you for understanding and hearing us. We come from many different places in life. We do not live with you, but we live WITH you because we are all connected. What happens there with you matters to what happens here, with each of our different groups/different cultures/different beings/different worlds. Sad to see the struggles of your world. Sad to see the struggles within so many in your world. We cannot change your world, nor do we want to, but you have a friend in all of us. We connect.

We honor your struggles for the higher qualities to survive/gain hold/flourish among you. The higher qualities (a combo of love, ethics, worship, respect, the golden moments of your history, unselfishness, devotion, integrity--light in the intellectual, philosophical, religious areas, the highpoint of human life--the golden moments of human history) we see in you the higher qualities we see in all of us. All universal (beyond universal) life forms benefit greatly from the higher life-forms/qualities of your species.

Here is the word of encouragement: You have always had higher qualities in the history of your people and those higher qualities are still carried in some of you. We encourage you to encourage the moments of higher qualities in others.

Use prayer as a thought form. Thought form is prayer. Prayer and thought form are asking and knowing it will be delivered. It is a law of the universe. When life is requested, life appears.

Hold hope for your history of man. This is an ongoing history/story and is not yet finished from what we can see/know here.

"You are not alone.”

Note from Marla: When I channeled this message, I sensed with psychic knowing that the group was made up of representatives from many different places in space and different dimensions. They have been paying attention to our situations on earth and offered this wonderful message to us. What a gift!

(I have not edited this message. I tried to capture their ideas or concepts as best I could.)

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I bless your life,

- Marla Lombard

Your online and phone Clairvoyant, Psychic Reader, Psychic Medium, Pet Communicator,

Psychic Spiritual Teacher, Chakra and Energy Worker.

Author of “Discover the Ten Psychic Senses: The Complete Guide to Empower Your Psychic Self” (coming soon). 562-212-9100

© 2021 by Marla Lombard

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