How to Ground Yourself

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

From the upcoming book series,
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You can ground yourself in less than a minute. It’s easy, and can help you feel peaceful. Ground anytime you need to relax or refocus.

Grounding is an easy technique to help you relax and refocus quickly. It connects you with your body and the earth, no matter where you are.


Where you move your focus, you move your energy. Do this every day and any time you need it. Grounding is excellent to do before starting a project, before driving or when you feel overloaded.

You can ground anywhere, indoors or out. Standing or sitting. Barefoot or wearing shoes. In a high rise building or touching the earth.

  1. Focus at the top of your head, where all your busy thoughts are.

  2. Move your focus down into your head, neck and shoulders.

  3. Move your focus down into your torso.

  4. Move your focus down into your hips.

  5. Move your focus down into your upper legs.

  6. Move your focus down through your knees and into your lower legs.

  7. Move your focus down into your feet.

  8. Feel where your feet meet the floor.

  9. Let your energy and focus rest there.

You are grounded!


Notice how you feel: Are you calmer? More relaxed? Does your body feel more balanced?

Now, go on with your day knowing you can ground yourself any time you need it!

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© 2020 by Marla Lombard

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​© 2020 by Marla Lombard