Imagination or Psychic? You choose!

Updated: Mar 21

One day, I was teaching a day long class. Late in the class, I asked one of the students, Lilly, to lead us in a guided meditation. We closed our eyes and with her gentle voice, the Lilly guided us through a lovely meditation.

We were guided to a healing temple.

Everything in the meditation moved slowly. It felt almost timeless. The colors were pale, soft and lovely. Everything glowed. The student guided us to a healing temple and asked us to enter. In my imagination, I saw it as pure white with a domed ceiling held by columns of white marble. Serene and beautiful.

Lilly asked us to imagine that three healing guides had arrived to give us a healing experience. We were to choose which guide we wanted to help us. To choose, I began to look at each one individually, starting with the one on the left. I imagined the first guide as a female and draped in a long robe. Still and statuesque. She was surrounded by a pink glow. The next similar but bathed in a soft green light. Lovely and serene.

What I saw made me laugh!

When I focused on the third guide, instead of seeing another elegant healing guide, I saw my German Shepherd’s face! I wanted to laugh aloud! Not only could I see her big head and big ears, but she was up close, in detail and full color. It was if she had poked her long nose through a psychic curtain into my meditation! It was like Mount Rushmore!

Pippi was staring directly at me with a demanding face, as if to say, “Do you not know what time it is?! It’s time for dinner and you’re not here to give it to me!” I snuck a look at my phone to see the time. Dinner time, of course! 6 p.m. exactly. I completely lost my concentration and had to stop from laughing. (As soon as I arrived home, she got her dinner.)

What do you think? Imagination or psychic?

Let’s evaluate. Was Pippi’s appearance imagined or was it a psychic experience? I like to ask questions and I encourage you to review your experiences, too.

  • Was it my subconscious? We all have an internal clock. Some part of my mind could have tracked the time, knowing it was 6 o’clock exactly and then imagined my dog and her demanding expression.

  • The feeling, movement and colors of the meditation were a complete contrast to Pippi’s appearance. But either could be imagination.

  • The meditation felt like imagination. Pippi’s appearance seemed much more “real” and much stronger in looks, colors and feeling.

  • There was a psychic message along with the visual. It was, “Dinner time! Come home now!”

  • Pippi and I could easily communicate psychically.

  • Psychic information is often surprising. I couldn’t have imagined that Pippi would pop in. I was expecting was to have a gentle experience with an imagined guide.

  • My years of experience help me to distinguish between my imagination and my psychic experiences.

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I bless your life!

-- Marla, Your Psychic Reader, Psychic Medium, Pet Communicator, Spiritual Teacher, Chakra and Energy Worker, Author of "Discover the Ten Psychic Senses" (coming soon) © 2021 by Marla Lombard

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