Mystical Vision: The Essential Mother

Updated: Aug 31

When the moment is right for a client and the universe, a psychic reading can turn into a mystical spiritual experience. My client, Alexia, is a deeply spiritual person and on the fast track for personal growth. During a psychic reading her, I began to have a vision of purple night sky sprinkled with twinkling stars.

We started Alexia's reading with questions and psychic answers. She asked me about things in her life: her relationship with her boyfriend and work possibilities. I was giving her psychic answers. But then...

...night sky of deep purple...

As the reading progressed, I began to "see" a vast night sky of deep purple. I had a feeling that something spiritual and significant was about to happen for her. I told her to wait a moment while I allowed the vision to unfold.

A woman's large face began to appear in the purple sky. The rest of her body was invisible, but her face was so clear. I can describe her easily: It was a strong face, strong nose, dark skinned, dark eyes, plump cheeks, a few deep wrinkles, black hair. She was middle-aged. Or was she older? Ageless? I sensed she was East Indian. She was serious and I saw ancient wisdom in her eyes.

I am a curious person and I like to know what's going on--especially when a client is involved. I asked the feminine presence, "Who are you?"

She turned her face slightly towards me and answered simply, "I am the Essential Mother."

"I am the Essential Mother."

I felt her power.

Her spiritual energy began to flow towards Alexia and I could feel it, too. It was pure strength. Stable. Almost stern. I was confused: If this is the Essential Mother, why is her energy so hard? It seemed more masculine than feminine to me.

But before I could think too much about that, The Essential Mother began to send waves of the strongest energy! It seemed a little over the top to me. But then she sent a wave of the tender, soft and loving energy. The two spiritual energies began to blend in a combination I could have never imagined. How could someone be SO strong and so soft? Then she sent a third wave of spiritual energy: Pure unwavering peace.

Strength, softness and peace -- all in one being.

Could such intense strength, tenderness and true peace exist in this being who called herself the Essential Mother? I felt it so clearly. I believe it can. Something maybe we can all aspire to?

In our changing world, the three aspects of the Essential Mother could be very helpful. If you want, ask her to join you in a meditation or ask her for the combo of strength, softness and peace when you need it.

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