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Do you have Claircognizance or Psychic Knowing?

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Psychic Knowing and many other psychic abilities are covered in my book, "Discover the Ten Psychic Senses, A Complete Guide to Expand the Power of Your Psychic Self " (coming 2021).

Psychic Knowing is one of the most fun psychic senses. It's so exciting to realize you knew something you couldn't have known -- and find out it was correct!

You don’t know how you know it:

you just know it.

Psychic Knowing can feel unsettling because what you suddenly know is not something you've learned or heard. You don't know how you know it: you just know it.

Psychic Knowing, or claircognizance, can feel like imagination or a thought. But if you discover you have Psychic Knowing, with practice and trust, you will realize it is a valid and powerful psychic sense.

Psychic Knowing can appear in so many different ways.

Psychic Knowing can feel:

- Subtle

- Elusive

- Vague

- Ethereal

- Surprising

- Like imagination

It can also feel:

- Clear

- Strong

- Real

- Definite

- True

Having Psychic Knowledge can be confusing. Especially because it might be different every time you experience it! But once you realize Psychic Knowing is one of your psychic senses, you will learn to recognize its different forms.*

When I first started doing readings, I knew I had Psychic Seeing (clairvoyance). But I didn't realize I was also using Psychic Knowing. I was always so surprised to "know" something I couldn't have known! Now it is my most dominant psychic sense. It still feels odd to be telling a client something I "know" that I have no way of logically knowing!

Claircognizance, or Psychic Knowing, can come to you at any time. It might come in conversation or when you are at your desk. It might happen when cleaning or showering. Or when you touch someone or something. You might get it in meditation (or not). You might get it when you ask your guides and angels for help.

Psychic Knowing can be about anything, practical or spiritual.

Here's an example I made up for you of Psychic Knowing:

You're talking with a friend. She is, again, complaining about her boyfriend and their problems. She says she thinks they will break up. Logically, you think to yourself, "Of course they will break up. They have so many problems." But suddenly, you have a sense of knowing that they will marry and be happy together. What a surprise! And confusing. Logically, you think one thing. But your Psychic Knowing, which is the complete opposite, feels so real. Is it just your imagination? You decide not to mention your Psychic Knowing. What if you are wrong? But two years later, they get married and their relationship remains a happy one. Your Psychic Knowing was correct!

It took me years to learn to recognize my own Psychic Knowing and much longer to trust it. Now that you know more about Psychic Knowing, Claircognizance, you can enjoy it more and doubt it less!

* While many people have Psychic Knowing, not everybody does. There are ten psychic senses: Psychic Knowing, Thought, Emotion, Physical Feeling, Seeing, Hearing, Smell, Taste, Touch and Dreaming. Some people have one of the psychic senses. Others have several. Others have many. Everyone has their unique way of being psychic.

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I bless your life,

- Marla Lombard

Your online and phone Clairvoyant, Psychic Reader, Psychic Medium, Pet Communicator,

Psychic Spiritual Teacher, Chakra and Energy Worker.

Author of “Discover the Ten Psychic Senses: The Complete Guide to Empower Your Psychic Self” (coming soon). 562-212-9100

© 2021 by Marla Lombard

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