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Group Meditation: Try Remote Meditation Together

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Relax. Renew. Restore. The benefits of meditation are wonderful. Group meditation can be even more powerful.

If you've enjoyed group meditation or relaxing in the presence of other students in Savasana at the end of a yoga class, you can find substitutes online.

But sometimes distractions get in the way and showing up on your own is a challenge. Especially now since we don't have our regular schedules to rely on.

I found the way to make sure I showed up for a group meditation.

I found the way to make sure I showed up for a group meditation every week: a conference call with my friends.

We conferenced phone called each other every Tuesday at the same time. A quick hello, set the phone timer, set the phone down and we right into meditation. I did my meditation lying down. One sat in the Lotus position. Others sat or lounged. (There is no perfect way to meditate, right?)

At the end of the call, we spent a few minutes sharing experiences.

We went deep!

Meditation is more powerful when you are connected--even by cell or video conferencing--and we agreed we often dropped into deeper meditation more quickly together than when on our own.

Each one of us had special experiences. Ahas. Insights. I often found myself putting my hands and fingers in sacred positions called mudras, without meaning to. Occasionally we had the same experiences in meditation (though we didn't know it until we discussed it after). We had insights, mystical experiences. We went deep. We connected to our inner selves, to a higher level and to one another across the miles between us.

It was easy to set aside the time to meditate knowing I would be connecting with my friends. It was always fun to connect with my girls! No self-discipline required!

Create your own meditation group.

Create the energy of love and support in your own meditation group. Set a regular time that 's doable. Set a workable time. Remember: Even 1 minute of meditation is helpful. Try 30 minutes. If that's not realistic, go for 10 minutes.

No expectations for your meditation.

No expectations. Every meditation you do is different. Sometimes even the most experienced meditators can't let go or settle down sometimes. There's always a next time, and another experience to have, when you have meditation scheduled with your friends.

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- Marla Lombard

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