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I Don't Have Visions. Does This Mean I'm Not Psychic?

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

The following is an excerpt from my book, "Discover the Ten Psychic Senses, A Complete Guide to Expand the Power of Your Psychic Self " (coming 2021).

If you've ever gotten frustrated because you don't have psychic seeing or hearing, you're not alone. Read this story of how one student changed my entire approach to teaching in a moment!

I was holding a workshop on psychic development at a spiritual center in the O.C. I think it was the first workshop I ever taught!

This student, let's call her Carol, came to my psychic development class on a beautiful, sunny afternoon. Everyone was happy to be there. Except her. And she was not happy from the moment she arrived!

Carol had a psychic problem.

From the beginning of the psychic class, I realized she was unhappy. She frowned a lot. She asked questions and seemed interested but she had a super negative attitude. Finally, during one of the discussions, she said bluntly, “I’m not psychic. I’ve tried and tried.. I can’t do it.”

I remember thinking, "That's odd. She's obviously interested and motivated. She has the desire. She must have some psychic ability!"

At the break, I asked her why she believed she wasn't psychic. She told me she'd taken classes, read books. But nothing worked. She couldn't "see" anything.

She mentioned a book on psychic development she'd recently read.

She told me, "I tried all the exercises in the book and all the guided meditations and I failed. I couldn't see anything. Now I know I can never be psychic."

I asked her to tell me about the book. She said, “I have it right here.” She pulled it out of her purse and handed it to me.

I was very curious about this book! Here was a student who had a deep desire to become psychic. She did everything in the book. What went wrong?

I glanced through it. It was carefully written as a guide to help anyone open and develop psychically. The book seemed to have good information, meditations, and guided exercises. The author seemed passionate, supportive and caring. There didn’t seem to be anything wrong with the book.

But there was something terribly wrong with the book.

As I flipped through the book, I had a flash of realization that changed my life as a psychic teacher and led me to realize there are many ways to be psychic. There was something terribly wrong with the book that caused Carol to feel like she’d failed.

The book was entirely about psychic seeing. Every exercise was about “seeing” something. The author used terms and words like:

Visions, Visualize, Envisions, Inner Visions, Inner Sight, The Mind’s Eye,

She didn’t use the words "knowing," "sensing" or "feeling."

While the author had good intentions, she didn’t understand there are many more ways to be psychic other than just “seeing.” Obviously, she had psychic seeing and she expected her readers to have the same experiences she did.

The author didn’t realize two extremely important things:

1. Not all psychic people “see.”

2. Psychic people can have psychic knowing, feeling and other psychic senses.

My heart went out to Carol. No wonder she felt like a failure. No wonder she was frustrated. Over and over, she tried to “see” something but couldn’t. Of course, she thought, “I can’t do it, therefore, I’m not psychic.” Can you imagine that becoming psychic was her dream? She tried everything she knew and believed over and over again, yet she felt she had failed. It's a terrible disappointment, a great deal of stress and a blow to one's self image.

Caroled was not alone in feeling like she was inadequate. So many people think "If I can’t 'see' something in my mind’s eye, I’ve failed. If I don’t have visions, I’m not psychic."

This is just not true! There are many psychic senses. Psychic Seeing is just one of them. And honestly, I've found over the years, there are more psychic people who have the other senses than those who have big "seeing" experiences. You are truly not alone!

I vowed that day to pay attention to each student's individual psychic abilities. I vowed to help each one discover how they are unique. I vowed to guide them beyond their own expectations, fears, and doubts. I vowed to guide them onto their own paths and help them find their own ways. I vowed, to the degree I could, to give my students confidence.

Over the years I've identified 10 psychic senses to help you identify which ones you have.

To help you and everyone else who wants to be psychic or deepen their psychic senses, I identified 10 psychic senses so you can find your unique way of being psychic and learn to love and value that about yourself. You never have to go through the terrible disappointment and stress this student did.

On that day, I told my student what I noticed about the book. I told her to stay open to the possibility that she might not have psychic seeing, but she might have other ways of being psychic.

I had a lot to learn so I couldn’t give her as much information or support as I would have liked. I think of Carol and hope she found her psychic path. And I bless her courage to share her worst fears about herself.

In the years since that day, psychic teachers and authors have realized there are more psychic senses than just psychic seeing. But I made it my mission to identify each of the senses and give them practical information. For over 20 years I've observed and compiled my observations into a text book my teachers and I used for classes. Then I revised that text book into the book "Discover the Ten Psychic Senses, A Complete Guide to Expand the Power of Your Psychic Self " (coming 2021).

I want you to have the information that my students have had. I want you to build confidence like they did. I want you to understand your psychic self in a beautiful new way, just as they were able to. I want you to embrace your psychic gifts.

While having psychic experiences is mystical, enchanting and unexplainable, I have important practical information to share with you in my book. The information will help you understand more of the ways in which you are psychic. It will also help you better understand how other psychic people's gifts work. You'll also have more appreciation for their gifts and more compassion for their struggles.

It's not about being psychic in just one way. So, let go of your expectations and discover what can happen for you. Your brain, body and nervous system function in a particular way that interprets the energy you connect with.

Enjoy your special psychic gifts. You are unique and that is to be celebrated. Nobody is quite like you.

Identifying your psychic senses is so important to your psychic life. I can help you relax into more fulfilling psychic and spiritual experiences. But more than that, it can completely transform the way you perceive yourself as a psychic person.

Did this blog speak to you? Feel free to share with me at

I'd love to work with you! Book a psychic reading or chakra clearing with me here.

I bless your life,

- Marla Lombard

Your online and phone Clairvoyant, Psychic Reader, Psychic Medium, Pet Communicator,

Psychic Spiritual Teacher, Chakra and Energy Worker.

Author of “Discover the Ten Psychic Senses: The Complete Guide to Empower Your Psychic Self” (coming soon). 562-212-9100

© 2021 by Marla Lombard

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