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TRY THIS: Nourish Self-Love In 3 Easy Steps

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

There are so many benefits to loving ourselves more. Life is easier. We don't waste as much time or energy criticizing ourselves. We can give love more easily and receive love more fully.

We often think that we are loved because people love us.

But love doesn't start on the outside. Love begins on the inside.

How can you love yourself more? The secret to self-love is to accept all parts of yourself. This includes the parts you like and the parts you don't.

You can help self-love blossom. To accept all of yourself as you are in this moment, that’s true love. That's life changing.

What happens when you love yourself more?

  • Love fills your body when you accept your body as it is right now.

  • Love fills your heart when you accept your whole self.

  • Love fills your mind when you accept all the parts of you, not just the parts you like.

Love departs when you criticize or condemn yourself. Self-criticism takes a lot of energy.

When you accept all the parts of yourself, you don't have to fight away the parts you don't like. This doesn't mean you can't change and grow. It means that you give those parts of yourself, likable and unlikable, a chance to be loved. Isn't that what every part of you wants? A chance to be loved?

Do these 3 simple steps. They will create a space inside you for love to thrive!

There are 3 Simple steps to self-love.

Say these simple statements aloud so your whole body can hear:

  1. I accept myself and everything in myself.

  2. I love myself and everything in myself.

  3. I am myself and everything in myself.

Saying these words once is powerful. Repeating them is more so. Make a note of these 3 statements so you can remember them and say them often.

Here's to an easier life filled with love from the inside. Here's to more self-love!

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I bless your life,

- Marla Lombard

Your online and phone Clairvoyant, Psychic Reader, Psychic Medium, Pet Communicator,

Psychic Spiritual Teacher, Chakra and Energy Worker.

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© 2021 by Marla Lombard

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