Use This Simple Blessing to Help Everyone

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Please share with everyone! I know you want to help others. It can be frustrating at a time when our lives are restricted. Here's one thing you can do to help the world today. Say this blessing for anyone or any thing:

"I bless your life." This little blessing is far more powerful than it appears. Read on to find out why. Who or what can you say it for? Everyone and everything.You can say it for one person or many. You can say it for someone you know--or don't know. One animal or the entire animal kingdom. You can say it for a plant or a forest. You can say it for a place, a building, an organization, a country. You can say it for the earth. Why is this little blessing so powerful? I bless your life includes every part of someone's entire life. When you say, "I bless your life," for someone or some thing, you are blessing every moment of that life. Beautiful. But there's more: Let's say you are blessing your friend, Amanda. This blessing also includes her life force and all the ways her life force is expressed. Amazing. And more! Every being's soul is endlessly alive. Because life extends beyond birth and death, you are blessing all of Amanda can be and has been, including many lifetimes, past and future. Powerful. "I bless your life" is an eternal blessing that resonates through every part of that person and in every way in which her soul is expressed for all time. That's why this blessing is so powerful. A few words and you've sent loving energy into eternity! This blessing has no agenda. That's the beauty of it. We often think we know what someone needs. But do we truly? We might wish someone health, money or peace. But who are we to know what someone's soul really needs? This blessing is simple but comprehensive. It allows the loving energy to go where it's needed. (Love and blessings are never wasted. They will always be soaked up and utilized in some mysterious way!)

This blessing frees you up from having to figure it all out. You don't have to decide exactly what Amanda needs. You can release trying to help in a specific way. You don't have to monitor whether it worked or not. It did. When you say the words, the energy flies to where it is belongs within the soul of Amanda. How often should I say it? This all-encompassing blessing never needs to be repeated. Once you say, "I bless your life," it is done. Isn't that amazing? (Obviously, it's not going to hurt if you repeat it, but it isn't necessary.) Should I say it outloud? You can say it silently or out loud. I like to say it aloud when I am alone. If I am with another person, I say it silently. Do as you feel in the moment and as appropriate for the person or thing you are blessing. Bless your own life. It's easy. Just say, "I bless my life."

Bless the life of every thing and everyone! I bless your life!

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© 2020 by Marla Lombard

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​© 2020 by Marla Lombard